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University of Florida
Spring 2020
PHI 3363: Bioethics
Access to syllabus, handouts, practice exams and solutions, and course website.
PHI 2010: Introduction to Philosophy
Access to syllabus, note summaries, and course website.
General Resources
Resources for reading and writing philosophy, and other materials.



Instructor of Record

Introduction to Logic (Fall 2018)

Problems in Philosophy (Fall 2018)

Bioethics (Summer 2017)

Introduction to Philosophy (Spring 2017)

Critical Thinking (Summer 2016)


20th-Century Western Philosophy (Spring 2016)


Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Fall 2015)


Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Summer 2015)


Introduction to Philosophy: Main Problems (Summer 2014)




Teaching Assistant


Introduction to Mathematical Logic (Spring 2015, Spring 2014)


Philosophy of Science (Fall 2014)


Making Sense of Ourselves (Fall 2013)



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