About Me

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and I grew up in Columbia, MO. I love traveling, running, watching the Steelers, and spending time with my wife and two dogs. My favorite TV shows are Seinfeld and The Office, and my favorite band is The National.   


I got into philosophy when my undergraduate General Chemistry class covered the double-slit experiment. This got me interested in various interpretations of quantum mechanics, and from there my philosophical interests ballooned.

Fun fact: my brother, Kevin Dorst, is also a philosopher. 

You can email me at cdorst[at]ufl[dot]edu.


Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Science


Philosophy of Physics

Areas of Competence



History of Analytic Philosophy



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2012 - 2018

MA in Philosophy (2014)
PhD in Philosophy (2018)

Harvard University

2016 - 2018

Visiting Fellow in Philosophy

Washington University, St. Louis

2008 - 2012

BA in Philosophy (Philosophy of Science)
BA in Biology (Neuroscience)