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About Me

I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and I grew up in Columbia, MO. I love traveling, reading, eating, running, watching movies, stressing about the Steelers, and spending time with my partner and our two dogs. 


I got into philosophy when my undergraduate General Chemistry class covered the double-slit experiment. That got me interested in various interpretations of quantum mechanics, and from there my philosophical interests ballooned.

Fun fact: my brother, Kevin Dorst, is also a philosopher. 

You can email me at cdorst[at]ufl[dot]edu.


Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Science


Philosophy of Physics

Areas of Competence



History of Analytic Philosophy



University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2012 - 2018

MA in Philosophy (2014)
PhD in Philosophy (2018)

Harvard University

2016 - 2018

Visiting Fellow in Philosophy

Washington University, St. Louis

2008 - 2012

BA in Philosophy (Philosophy of Science)
BA in Biology (Neuroscience)

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