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Works in Progress

On GRW Collapses: How Late is Too Late?

What is the Epistemic Advantage of Humeanism?

Humean Quantum Ontology*

How to Understand Talk of Governance

[Starred (*) papers are in blind review, so I have changed their titles for the sake of anonymity. To see current drafts of these papers, please email me at cdorst[at]ufl[dot]edu.]

Published Papers

The Necessity of Accidents. (with Marc Lange) 
(Forthcoming) The Journal of Philosophy.

Productive Laws in Relativistic Spacetimes.

(Forthcoming) Philosophers' Imprint.

Does the Best System Need the Past Hypothesis?

(Forthcoming) Philosophy of Science.

Predictive Infelicities and the Instability of Predictive Optimality.
(2023) In Humean Laws for Human Agents, Siegfried Jaag, Christian Loew, and Michael Hicks, (eds.) Oxford University Press.

Splitting the (In)Difference: Why Fine-Tuning Supports Design. (with Kevin Dorst.)
(2022) Thought.

Laws, Melodies, and the Paradox of Predictability.
(2022) Synthese.

There Is No Measurement Problem for Humeans.
(2021) Noûs.

Why do the Laws Support Counterfactuals? (2020) Erkenntnis.

Humean Laws, Explanatory Circularity, and the Aim of Scientific Explanation. (2019) Philosophical Studies. 176: 2657-2679.

Towards a Best Predictive System Account of Laws of Nature.
(2019) British Journal for the Philosophy of Science. 70: 877-900.

Bet Accepted: A Reply to Freitag.
(2018) Philosophical Quarterly. 68: 175-83.

Evidence, Significance, and Counterfactuals: Schramm on the New Riddle of Induction. 
(2016) Erkenntnis. 81: 143-154.

Book Reviews

Laws and Explanations; Theories and Modal Possibilities, by Arnold Koslow. Review. (2020) Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

In All Probability, Quite Handy. Review of The Oxford Handbook of Probability and Philosophy, Alan Hájek and Christopher Hitchcock, eds. (2018) Metascience. 27: 223-226

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