I'm an assistant professor in the philosophy department at the University of Florida. Before that, I got my PhD from UNC Chapel Hill, and spent a year as a lecturer at Washington University in Saint Louis.

My research interests are in philosophy of science, as well as some overlapping areas in philosophy of physics, metaphysics, and epistemology. Much of my work focuses on developing and defending a Humean theory of laws of nature, which I call the "Best Predictive System Account." Some of my recent papers focus on showing how that account can be used to accommodate the role of laws in scientific explanation and in the evaluation of counterfactuals. A few of my current projects aim to develop novel arguments in favor of Humeanism.

I teach classes on a range of subjects, from Logic to Bioethics to Philosophy of Physics. In Fall 2022, I will be teaching two courses: Introduction to Philosophy and a seminar on the philosophy of Ludwig Wittgenstein. You can find syllabi from past and present courses, as well as evals from past courses, on my teaching page.